To Christ. To Church. To Service.

Whatever background you are coming from, Three Fourteen is  committed to helping you clarify your Christian calling. We are called primarily to Christ, which is why we prioritize the deepening reality of knowing and responding to Him in all things.

We also emphasize the corresponding call to life with His people through the local church. Connection to the Head requires connection to His Body. We will challenge you to respond to His calling together in committed relationships with His people who are laboring beside you to promote the gospel.

The Church is to be a diverse people who are served through a diversity of gifts. Therefore we intentionally work together as a community to clarify particular callings to serve — whether as church planters, pastors, teachers, or missionaries who are called to advance movements of Christ-centered disciples and churches. Our team of academic and pastoral mentors will stand alongside you to explore and confirm your unique service to the Church.



Christ’s mission runs through the heart of a leader. If the tree is good, the fruit is good. We want hearts that are fully engaged and bearing fruit that remains and multiplies. You can therefore expect a careful assessment and cultivation of a heart that continually grows in Christ-like character.


Three Fourteen values theological substance and critical thinking. No distinctively Christian leader can shy away from the work of planting substantive theological roots. Neither can they neglect the mental rigor of connecting biblical theology to every sphere of life. Therefore we enthusiastically embrace a seminary-accredited program. Our partnership with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ensures quality academic input and accountability. Upon graduation, you will possess the credentials of a Master’s degree in theological studies.


Christians are called to love God and others with the whole of our person, not just our minds. Three Fourteen promotes the ongoing responsibilities of evangelism, discipleship and leader development. These are crucial aspects to your engagement in the mission of God. We never want you to leave the front lines of gospel ministry.

Three Fourteen will not pull you out of active ministry, nor will we merely prepare you for future ministry. Instead, we will place you in the trenches of front line ministry. This is our conviction: that we will form you into a healthy, effective leader by immersing you into a ‘head filled, hands dirty, heart engaged’ process. Our attention to your holistic growth aims at our desired outcome — a leader who humbly, courageously, and competently engages the mission for a lifetime.


To the World. To Multiply.

The Christian mission runs from the innermost parts of our hearts to the outermost parts of the world. We will continually emphasize your personal development as a flourishing leader;  however, our program will challenge you to embrace the ever-expanding movements toward new people and places. An enlarged heart makes space for the mission of Christ — one that extends to all peoples and multiplies disciple-making movements.

Our training is designed to launch our graduates into the world to serve diverse Christian movements. We expect everyone who successfully navigates our program to be able to operate in distinctively Christian ways, to collaborate with Christian leaders, and to multiply movements of Christ-promoting disciples and churches. Three Fourteen leadership will stand behind every graduate in confirmation of your Christian confession and particular calling.